What is a RepresentUs Chapter?

RepresentUs chapters are local groups of people (like you!) who power the anti-corruption movement. Chapters are strategic and focused on winning real change: RepresentUs volunteers have helped win more than 80 Anti-Corruption victories across America. Chapters start with 3-4 people and have grown to be as large as 30-40 and beyond. Read more.

Find a Chapter Near You

RepresentUs Chapters:


  • Meet regularly
  • Share leadership across different members in the chapter
  • Can start with as few as three people but often grow to be much larger
  • Work locally to raise awareness about corruption and pass Anti-Corruption Acts

Starting a RepresentUs chapter is easier than you think! You’ll have access to a network of leaders, resources and trainings, as well as a mentor to help guide you through everything from your first meeting to passing local laws.