Virginia: Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

A campaign finance reform package that includes:

  1. SB 803 – limits campaign contributions to $20K to any one candidate for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, or the General Assembly in any one election cycle.
  2. SB 854 / HB 1551 – broadens the scope of disclaimer requirements to include spending on ballot measures; requires political ads financed by outside groups to name top three donors.


Nearly four out of five Virginians think that large donors have too much influence in their elections. But despite the will of the people, Virginia is one of the few states in the country that does not limit the amount of money a candidate or political action committee can receive from individual donors, corporations, labor unions, party committees or other candidates. And, there’s nothing in Virginia preventing candidates and obscure donors from being vague when filing reports on contributions and expenditures.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working with BigMoneyOutVA and a coalition of partners to bring transparency and accountability to Virginia.


You can make an impact on this campaign no matter where you live.