Oregon: RCV for statewide offices + local options

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

Ranked Choice Voting for elections to federal and state offices, including the president, U.S. senator, U.S. representative, governor, secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer, and commissioner of labor and industries. It does not include state legislative offices.

The law would also authorize cities, counties, school districts, other local governments, and local districts to use ranked-choice voting for local elections unless home rule charters preempt it.


In November 2024, Oregonians will vote on a ballot initiative to pass statewide Ranked Choice Voting. This measure was referred to the ballot in 2023 by the OR state legislature in a historic victory for RCV. This bipartisan Ranked Choice Voting bill was propelled by a broad coalition in which RepresentUs partnered with OregonRCV and more than 35 diverse organizations.

RCV first made its way to Oregon in 2016 when Benton County adopted it for use in the 2020 municipal election. Since then, key RCV victories in 2022 in Portland and Multnomah County have built real momentum to pass a statewide RCV bill.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working with the coalition Oregon RCV that includes partners like the Coalition for Communities of Color, the League of Women Voters of Oregon, Oregon ACLU, Oregon AFSCME Council 75 and others to make Oregon the next place to implement RCV statewide.


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