Helping the pro-democracy movement level up and win

Campaign Catalyst is building the infrastructure and programming for movement leaders to deepen their practice and develop the skills needed to succeed long term.

Organizing for Change Training Series

A training program created to equip volunteers and those eager to get involved with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively advocate in campaigns and with pro-democracy organizations.

Democracy Leaders Training Series

An intensive nine-week training series designed to provide campaign leaders everything they need to know about running and winning legislative campaigns, and to share what RepresentUs has learned over years of racking up wins all across the country.

Executive Roundtable

An intentional space for movement leaders working on policy change at the state level to connect with each other, workshop challenges and opportunities, hear from industry experts, and create a community of learning and practice.

The Campaign Catalyst Vision

  • Train

    Over the last 10 years, RepresentUs has helped secure 185 wins all across the country that give voters more power.

    We’re taking what we’ve learned to train and equip leaders and volunteers to build and implement effective campaigns in their communities and states to take on corruption, gridlock, and ineffective government.

  • Convene

    The movement to fix American democracy is picking up steam. But each year, we hear the same thing: Leaders are building their own playbooks, often starting from scratch.

    We’re breaking down walls and bringing people together to learn effective strategies, collaborate, troubleshoot challenges, build bridges, and ignite change.

  • Build

    The pro-democracy movement is full of passionate professionals, campaigners, and volunteers, but the community is relatively new and there does not exist the decades-old mentorship and training infrastructures that exist in many other movements.

    We’re building these infrastructures, modeling them after the most successful movements, to grow and strengthen our movement.

In response to the question about what advice you’d give someone who is starting a campaign: “Have great partners…Have partners like RepresentUs who can bring that expertise and resources from the national level, and have those grassroots partners who know what’s going on on the ground.

— Alisa Kaplan, Reform for Illinois