Everyone knows our political system is broken.
Here’s what most people don’t know: We can fix it.
In just 9 minutes, Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall shows how America’s political system has been hijacked to ensure those with power keep it – and how the anti-corruption movement can stop it.

Join us.

We’re asking that everyone who watches this video do something. Because you can be damn sure if you do nothing, nothing is going to change.

Join us.

America Has
Been Hijacked

To Ensure Those with Power Keep It

In 86% of house races, we now know which party will win before the election even starts.

The Democratic and Republican parties have rigged our political system to ensure those in power keep it – no matter what the voters think. It’s so bad that only 2% of Americans trust our elections.

There is no correlation between serving the will of the people and getting re-elected.

Our political system is rewarding extremism and vilifying cross-partisan collaboration. Congress is so gridlocked they can’t even pass basic laws to improve the lives of everyday Americans. Now, for the first time since the Great Depression, life expectancy is dropping in America while it goes up in the rest of the world.

We Need to Take Our Government Back

And Make It Work for The People

We Need to
Make Corruption Illegal

We need to fight corruption and fixe our broken elections. We need end partisan gerrymandering, ban lobbyist gifts, stop special interests from funding elections, put reasonable term limits on elected officials, implement Ranked Choice Voting to stop the spoiler effect, and enact secure Automatic Voter Registration and Vote From Home.

There are campaigns around the country that need your help right now.

Researchers found that when 3.5% of a population actively engages in fighting for change, they win. Every single time. In the U.S., that’s 11 million people actively working to fix corruption. We’ve already brought conservatives, moderates and progressives together to win over 100 campaigns – and we’re building toward the next wave of victories right now.

But we need your help.

What will you
do to help?