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THE FOUNDING FAMILY is a community of passionate supporters who are committed to ending political bribery and repairing our broken election system. Founding Family support ensures we can continue to fight for our democracy, together.

Become a part of our Family and invest in powering our movement. Your tax-deductible contributions to The Founding Family start at a commitment level of a minimum of $50,000/year for three years to fund RepresentUs’ team of experts, advocates, and strategic leaders. Without you, none of this work happens.

Your Founding Family contributions make it possible for us to plan ahead and invest in long-term solutions to the most urgent threats to our democracy while working towards our goal of 100% of small-dollar donations going directly to campaigns in the field.

We have a bold vision to make America the strongest Democracy by 2050.
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For more information, please read the Founding Family Brochure, and contact [email protected] to become a member!