Welcome to the Family.

THE FOUNDING FAMILY is a community of passionate supporters who are committed to ending political bribery and repairing our broken election system. Founding Family support ensures we can continue to fight for our democracy, together.

Become a part of our Family and leverage your investment to power the movement. Tax-deductible contributions from The Founding Family start at a commitment level of a minimum of $50,000/year for three years to fund RepresentUs’ core operating expenses. The Founding Family makes it possible to achieve our goal of 100% of small-dollar donations going straight to campaigns in the field.

Founding Family Giving Levels:

  • The Cornerstone – $1,000,000+/year for three years
  • The Defender – $250,000 – $999,999/year for three years
  • The Brigade – $50,000 – $249,999/year for three years

For more information, please read the Founding Family Brochure, or contact us at [email protected].

Your investment powers us.
We power the movement.

The Founding Family is community of major donors who support the core functions of RepresentUs. This enables 100% of small donations to go directly to anti-corruption campaigns across the nation. This “100% pledge” increases small-dollar donations—people give more when they know every dollar goes straight to campaign work.

You make winning possible.

By underwriting the movement, the Founding Family will power the biggest democracy victories of our lifetime, federally and in cities and states across America.

Joining the Founding Family

is about cultivating a sense of hope: a belief that a better America is possible and that you’re part of it. When you join our family, you join thought leaders, policy experts, and innovators. Together, we support the best political strategies and the brightest minds and drive progress on the most critical issues facing the nation.


Join our family.

Fixing our democracy is not just the most pressing political issue of our time—it’s the most pressing issue, period. It affects nearly every other issue we care about and will determine the future of our nation.

If you share our enthusiasm for this cause, we invite you to join our Founding Family and make a commitment to our democracy.

The Founding Family is a passionate and entrepreneurial group of investors, visionaries, and citizens who understand that fixing our democracy is not just the most pressing political issue of our time — it’s the most pressing issue, period.