How We Work

We pass reforms at the state and local levels that fight corruption and give more power to everyday people. Our plan is to build enough momentum to take this movement to the federal level. We partner with local coalitions and choose our targets wisely, opting for campaigns that are winnable and impactful.

Our Progress

We’re passionate about solving America’s political crisis in our lifetime. At the state, county, and local levels, we’re leading the fight against corruption. Here’s the progress we’ve made since we started in 2012.




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Where We Work

We run campaigns at the city, county, and state levels across the nation, focusing on efforts that are winnable and impactful. We empower communities with the political, legal, communications, and organizing tools to win meaningful victories.

Stories From the Field

This is a grassroots movement powered by everyday people who are ready to make a difference. Meet the people stepping up to fix our broken political system and inspiring their communities.

Lena & Rich


Rich and Lena currently serve as the leaders of RepresentUs Wisconsin.

For decades, they were disengaged conservative voters, staying away from politics. A few years ago, they realized that there were systemic problems caused by our broken political system that weakened America’s middle class and launched RepresentUs Wisconsin in Spring, 2019.



Margui is a longtime ‘momtivist’. Born in Colombia, she found her footing in volunteering with Moms Demand Action, but quickly expanded to other organizations and was so happy to find RepresentUS.

She believes the right to vote is a duty that should be easily fulfilled by all citizens, regardless of race or socio-economic status. Her passion is for her children to have a government that represents them and all constituents, faithfully.



Alan is a long time phonebanker and leader of his local New York State chapter. You can find him on Slack racking up phone calls and cracking jokes that keep everyone’s spirits high.

“As a boomer I finally feel like I can make a difference. Even if it’s just one phone call or text at a time. Back in the ’90s I got arrested for stealing a horse. So come on into the Action Brigade if you ever want to meet a horse thief.”

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