Fighting Disinformation to Protect the 2020 Election

Chaired by former US Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (R) and Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D), VoteSafe brings together election officials and key endorsers from across the political spectrum to set the record straight on safe, secure mail-in voting, and fight for accessible in-person voting options for 2020 and beyond.

VoteSafe has been featured in major media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, The Daily Wire, the New York Times, and many more, countering lies and misinformation.

VoteSafe Principles:

  1. All states and US territories should ensure voters have accessible, secure mail-in ballots and safe, in-person voting sites.
  2. Congress should ensure that states have the resources necessary to protect their voters and elections.

Every American must be able to vote safely and securely. But the coronavirus pandemic is putting our safety at risk, and politicians are spreading misinformation about vote by mail to sow distrust in the election.

What you can do to protect
the 2020 election:

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