Why Fight Corruption?

Fix politics, fix every issue you care about

Our broken political system fosters polarization, gridlock, and a lack of choices. It renders government unable to solve the most pressing challenges.

  • The average US Senator must raise over $14,000 a day, every day for 6 years to run for re-election.
  • Nearly 90% of US Congressional districts are gerrymandered, preventing any competition.
  • Over 40% of US voters are registered independents, but only two members of Congress are not affiliated with the two major parties.

Fixing Corruption Fixes Everything


The needs of the poor are routinely overlooked by politicians dependent on big-money donors

Government Waste

Politicians routinely grant lucrative contracts and approve bloated budgets to please super-donors


Special interests prevent the kind of reforms that would make American education competitive with the rest of the world


Wealthy special interests stifle government action on the environment

How Do We Fix Corruption?

We’re bringing together people from across the political spectrum to campaign for local laws that fight corruption. Our acts put the people back in power.

Invest in the fight against corruption

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