Standing Together<br> for Victory in 2016

Together, RepresentUs members are making 2016 a watershed moment for our movement.

Our members are shifting the balance of power across America. But entrenched interests will stop at nothing to defend the corrupt status quo. So this is going to take everything we’ve got.

2016 statewide Anti-Corruption Act targets:


Washington State

The Washington Government Accountability Act, Initiative 1464, is powered by more than 24,000 Washington RepresentUs members and a cross-partisan coalition called Integrity Washington. Together, we can restore public trust in government by increasing transparency, giving voters a stronger voice, and strengthening enforcement.

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    End secret money and reveal who’s buying political ads.

  • people

    Encourage voter participation and empower small donors.

  • gavel

    Increase penalties and hold rulebreakers accountable.

South Dakota

The South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, Initiative 22, is championed by the bipartisan coalition South Dakotans for Integrity and more than 2,000 RepresentUs members in South Dakota. The Act will prevent political bribery, improve transparency, and increase enforcement of South Dakota’s ethics laws.

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    End secret money
    Require full transparency of all money spent on politics and elections.

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    Stop unlimited lobbyist gifts
    Stop the practice of lobbyists giving unlimited gifts to state officials.

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    Increase enforcement
    Increase penalties for violations of campaign and lobbying laws.

Local and Coalition Campaigns

Local Campaigns led by RepresentUs members:

RepresentUs members are supporting these reform campaigns: