Helping campaigns rack up wins for democracy

The movement to fix American democracy is picking up steam. But each year, we hear the same thing: Leaders are building their own playbooks, often starting from scratch.

That’s why RepresentUs launched the Democracy Leaders Training Series, a beta program that’s focused on sharing what RepresentUs has learned over years of supporting winning democracy campaigns all across the country.

Our next training will begin in 2024. Click below and fill out the form if you’re interested.

About the program

The movement for common sense democracy reforms is growing every year

The Democracy Leaders Training Series brings together a class of campaigners, organizers, and communicators from top Democracy Reform efforts around the country for an intensive legislative campaign training.

Participants will receive:

  • Nine weekly one-hour training sessions to workshop campaign skills, learn from common pitfalls, and practice developing a winning strategy
  • A book of materials, templates, examples and more that they can immediately use and implement in their legislative campaigns
  • A supportive community of peers to learn from and collaborate with for current and future campaigns.

During the Democracy Leaders Training Series, we will strengthen our collective work for a stronger democracy and better choices at the ballot box for all Americans.

Download the workbook

This workbook is designed to equip campaign leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to win campaigns in state legislatures and was created as part of the Democracy Leaders Training series.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Information needed to develop a winning strategy and a campaign’s pathway to victory
  • How to implement your strategy
  • The external efforts you need to consider to influence legislators
  • And ways to evaluate your success and take next step

We’ve made the workbook available for free to help you run your campaign!

What Participants Are Saying

As someone who is going through their first legislative process and session, it was super impactful to get some tips for setting our campaign up for success.

Every session I’ve attended has been a productive and enjoyable one.

We have a map now. Before we were just like a grasshopper, jumping here, jumping there, putting out fires. Now we have a map. We know where to start. We know what we need to do and hopefully you know that will keep us focused on what’s important right now.

Appreciate the depth of information and ability to connect with each other!