Alaska: Defend Final Four Voting

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

Defend Final Four Voting – a nonpartisan, all-candidate primary where the top four vote-getters advance + ranked choice voting in the general election


Over half of Alaskan voters are not affiliated with either major party, and before 2022 they could not participate in the state’s primary elections. All of that changed with our partners at Alaskans for Better Elections, who fought hard to pass Ballot Measure 2 in 2020, bringing a single unified primary open to voters of all political parties and empowering voters with more choice by allowing them to rank candidates in order of preference. The new system was used for the first time in 2022, and not only did voters find it to be “simple“, but 60% of Alaskans said their state and local elections were more competitive compared to previous years. It also resulted in the voters sending Mary Peltola, the state’s first woman and Alaska Native, to the U.S. House, and in the following legislative session, the biggest Bipartisan Majority Coalition was organized in the Alaska Senate. But this year, the new system is under attack as opponents have qualified a repeal question to the November ballot. We are mobilizing all the supporters we can to defend this win in Alaska.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is proud to support local leaders at Alaskans for Better Elections, and the broad coalition of local organizations that have come together to pass and now defend these important reforms.


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