Seattle, Washington: Democracy Vouchers Renewal

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

Democracy Vouchers: Each Seattle resident gets four $25 vouchers that can be donated to the candidates of their choice to neutralize the influence of big money in their politics.


In 2015, Seattle voters passed the “Honest Elections Seattle” initiative and adopted Democracy Vouchers as part of that package. It was a first of its kind program when it passed and was a huge success – it increased voter participation, donor participation, and diversity of candidates in local elections. It also meant those elected officials were supported directly by the people and not special interests.

Funding for this program is up for renewal in 2025 and we are laying the groundwork for a successful renewal campaign now.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working to support local leaders on the ground, including People Powered Elections Washington, the League of Women Voters, and Washington for Equitable Representation.


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