Members of the House:
you’ve sold out —
now step down

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Members of the House:
you’ve sold out —
now step down

Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives just passed a law written and paid for by lobbyists for Wall Street banks. They sold us all out, so we’re demanding they step down.

Watch Part One.

The U.S. House just passed a bill called H.R. 992 — the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act — that was literally written by mega-bank lobbyists. It repeals the laws passed in 2010 to prevent another meltdown like the one that crashed our economy in 2008. The repeal was cosponsored by a former Goldman Sachs executive and passed with bipartisan support from some of the House’s largest recipients of Wall Street cash. It’s so appalling… so unbelievable… so blatantly corrupt… that you’ve got to see it to believe it:

In 2010, Congress passed the “Dodd-Frank” law to clamp down on risky “derivatives trading” that led to the financial collapse of 2008. Dodd-Frank was weakened by banking lobbyists from the start and has been under attack by those lobbyists ever since. Now a new law written by Citigroup lobbyists (we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried) exempts derivatives trading from regulation, and was passed this week by the House of Representatives with broad bipartisan support.

It sounds bad… but don’t worry, it gets much, much worse:

  • The New York Times reports that 70 of the 85 lines in the new House bill were literally written by Citigroup lobbyists (Citigroup was one of the mega-banks that brought our economy to its knees in 2008 and received billions in taxpayer money.)
  • The same report also revealed “two crucial paragraphs…were copied nearly word for word.” You can even view the original documents and see how Citigroup’s lobbyists redrafted the House Bill, striking out ideas they didn’t like and replacing them with ones they did.
  • The bills are sponsored by Randy Hultgren (R – IL), and co-sponsored by Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) and others. Himes is a former Goldman Sachs executive, and chief fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
  • Maplight reports that the financial industry is the top source of campaign funding for 6 of the bills’ 8 cosponsors.
  • Maplight’s data shows that members of the House received $22,425,740 million from interest groups that support the bill — that’s 5.8 times more than it received from interest groups opposed.
  • “House aides, when asked why Democrats would vote for this proposal even though the Obama administration opposes it, offered a political explanation. Republicans have enough votes to pass it themselves, so vulnerable House Democrats might as well join them, and collect industry money for their campaigns.” — New York Times

Yep, it’s actually that bad. For the full story, check out this revealing piece by Represent.Us Communications Director Mansur Gidfar. You can also find out if your Rep. voted for H.R.992 here.

We elect Representatives to the House to represent us, the people — but both parties now refuse to do the job we elected them to do. And they won’t until we force them to. The American Anti-Corruption Act would stop this corruption, and Represent.Us is the movement behind the Act. Together, we can make blatant corruption illegal with simple reforms. It’s common sense that elected officials should be barred from collecting money from the industries they regulate.

Help us build enough momentum to take America back.

  • swissms

    Hey, thanks for shining a light on this corruption! We all need to wake up and realize the system is broken! Keep it coming! We need to keep this perspective in the foreground!

    • Rosensweig

      I think you’d be surprised by how many people realize already that the system is broken. Most of them, though, feel powerless to do anything about it.

      • jessica

        You are completely right and I am one of those people who feel powerless myself, and honestly scared for the safety of myself and my family if I do try and do something.

        • Stephen Purnell

          We call that “tyranny.”

          • Redwoodhippie

            As Arlo Guthrie expressed so well in his long song Alice’s Restaurant, here is the beauty of group concern, as when it shifts into group action, then we have a movement.

        • Fakir Smith

          Do something like? Going to take more than signing some dumb petition or posting a comment.

          • Laura

            If you knew even a little of American history, you’d know how far signing something or commenting on it can get you. If enough people do it, it will get noticed. Just sitting back and doing nothing and making excuses as to why you won’t is basically consenting that what they do is ok. I doubt we can ever fix corruption but that doesn’t mean we can’t stand up against it and lessen it.

          • James William Ceja

            You have to start somewhere, you cannot steer a car if it’s not moving.

        • Terri EC Mom5

          Yes jessica-that’s the goal. The government wants people to feel powerless and afraid so people won’t do anything. That’s their game. But isn’t there something you’re passionate about? Aren’t there some things that are worth a fight, even if you are afraid? There are things that are worth getting arrested for, going to jail for and even dying for. I think having our democracy and country sold out from under us would qualify as that “something to fight for”, right?

        • Jessica Sterling

          Be more afraid of not doing anything to stop it. Not saying that in a negative light but let that fear of your family’s safety be your motivation to stand against the corruption or what our children go through will be much worse than what we are dealing with now.

        • Baci Russell

          sadly, I agree with you and I hesitated to post here.

      • Terri EC Mom5

        What if a million people took to the streets? Couldn’t that change things? If the people (99%) revolt to take back OUR government & OUR democracy. Is the government going to arrest or kill us all? They can’t. The government forgets there is power in numbers…why do you think we don’t try to mess with China? Too many people! If our 99% got tired enough of being walked on, dismissed, ignored, having our rights violated, having our democracy perverted…it would start a revolutionary movement by the people. But how bad do things have to get in this country to make people get up and do something to change things? Do we have to be under military rule? Do we all have to live in abject poverty? What is it going to take for the people to get angry enough to take action? I don’t want things to get so out of control with the government & the corporate corruption of our democracy that there is no saving the country or ourselves by the time we decide to take action.

        • Lukas Akadian

          It’s nice to dream, but I can assure you, it would take something a lot more severe than this to get a million people to take to the streets. At this point, if it requires anything more than clicking buttons on a computer, the average person suddenly stops caring.

        • donna

          Tell me when and where and I’m there. Revolution is not a dream. History proves that it only takes ONE person, not a million to start a revolution and change a country.

      • Brent

        And part of the feeling of powerlessness is not even the apparent things, but that these monsters can seemingly just change the rules on a whim. So it is like if we win, they’ll just switch the rules to make them win and take all the benefits. So here we are, with our persistent clinging to reality and logic and functional thought, and they are unaffected.


      The System has been broken since Abraham Lincoln was President. Everyone has had plenty of time to wake up. I started trying to get a BIKER RUN TO DC IN 2008. Five years before they finally did the run. BIKERS WE MAY HAVE TO RUN DC AGAIN. THIS TIME WE NEED 10 MILLION BIKERS. WE CAN DO IT. MAY GOD FORGIVE AND BLESS AMERICA AGAIN.

      • Anon

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha…. Just be quiet.

      • jim

        Your ideals are also a partial reason as to why America sucks so much, these days.

      • L O L O L

        HAHAHA oh my days “10 MILLION bikers!!” I almost spit out my coffee. There aren’t even 10 million bikers in the United States!

        • Redwoodhippie

          We can get more motorcycles, and some people can drive or walk. We do need to join those with common concerns to awaken the rest.

      • Mike Martini

        There was political corruption before Lincoln. There was political corruption before Washington, in fact. Curious that you would mention Lincoln…is there any particular legislation or “proclamation” from that president that you believe started all our troubles?

        • Gavin John Campbell

          OHHHHHH! indirectly calling him racist for mentioning Lincoln! ten points!

          • Michaela Duerson

            lol @ “10 points”

    • emadera52

      For details on the “derivatives” mentioned in this video, see my rant posted as a CNN iReport almost exactly FIVE years ago. It’s kind of complicated, so feel free to ask questions.

      Update: CNN did nothing to follow up. As far as I can tell Joe Casano has dropped off the radar and has never been punished for his roll in the financial collapse.

    • slimelaws
  • cryofpaine

    As long as we are relying on the people who benefit from the problem to fix the problem, nothing will be changed.

    The problem is that the political cults have their followers too completely brainwashed to work together to fix this. Cults work through fear and isolation to control their members. For a religious cult, the fear is devine judgement and damnation, and the isolation is moving to a compound in the middle of nowhere. For the political cults, the fear is of economic ruin and restriction of personal freedoms, and the isolation we do to ourselves. We avoid any views that contradicts our own, listening to only our favorite pundits, reading only our favorite sites, watching only our favorite stations, and generally approaching things that might contradict our beliefs with closed minds, instead of challenging ourselves and questioning our own beliefs.

    This allows exactly this situation. The shutdown was a shell game, a distraction. Nothing more. It allowed them to keep our focus on what they want us to see. They each get to be heroes. The democrats successfully defended the government from the destructive actions of a small militant group, and the republicans showed they are still out there fighting the good fight against a stronger opponent. And it’s all for us, of course (if you can’t hear the sarcasm, keep trying, it’s there).

    Meanwhile, while we are all occupied with the spectacle over here, they are silently working together to serve their true masters, easily passing with bipartisan support a bill written by people with the money to buy influence in the government.

    The only way to fix it is to go outside the parties and vote for real people dedicated to ending the corruption in government. People who have real world experience in areas of education and small business and military and all the other areas government effects. But it won’t happen, because we are too afraid of “them” to work together.

    • yep

      “The only way to fix it is to go outside the parties and vote for real people dedicated to ending the corruption in government.”

      this wont happen because people know that voting “3rd party” will only help the dominant republican or democrat candidate. We need to campaign and protest for an Alternative Voting System such as described by cgp grey here-

      Also, the Commission on Presidential Debates will not even allow a 3rd party to compete on the national level because it is controlled by the Rs and Ds.
      We are screwed unless we taking Drastic measures.

      • cryofpaine

        It only helps the dominant party if everyone has that mindset. Thus the brainwashing by the parties. If everyone decided to vote for a 3rd party, that party would win. Of course, it would take a drastic effort to convince people to set aside their differences and to vote for someone outside the party system who is dedicated to fixing these problems.

        • Terri EC Mom5

          Ralph Nader? A tireless advocate for the populous.

        • Eddy Gonzales

          Bernie Sanders

    • Johnathon

      We could just kill them right? :D Lol jk I only put that last thing cause that would be illegal to say. I am in now way condoning such violence. :D

      • cryofpaine

        Funny you should mention that. Basically, I model the type of government we need based on the one described in “Debt of Honor” and “Executive Orders” by Tom Clancy (mainly the 2nd, but the 1st is the setup). Fortunately it is possible to achieve this without resorting to such drastic measures. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot to get people to break free of the hold the parties have over them to vote for these kinds of people.

    • Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz

      Are there ANY politicians interested in serving the average American? WHO?

      • cryofpaine

        None that I know of. Which is why we need to go outside politics to real people. Like I said, small business owners, teachers, military officers, economists – the kinds of people who deal with the issues government has to deal with. Like the founding fathers intended. They didn’t want this to be a career. They wanted this to be volunteers serving their country. They had just come from a monarchy, they didn’t want to institute another government based on a ruling class.

    • Gavin John Campbell

      Tl;Dr Divine*

  • BT

    Government for the people? Sure, just write us a cheque.

  • The boss

    buying elected officials with sack of gold! Rome all over again!

    • Tina Ragno-Kavanagh

      have you really looked at the serious similarities of Rome and the USA. we go over destroy countries then spend millions rebuilding them in exchange for there loyalty.

      • Brandon Lawson

        You do know that Alexander the Great, before his death, was planning on uprooting people in asia and in europe and mixing the populations to create family and brotherhood ties. Don’t give the US that much credit. They’re not actually interested in bringing the world together.

        • Indigo

          not to discredit your point brandon, but Alexander the Great was a Macedonian (Greek) General.
          And the Romans weren’t all that keen on rebuilding the cultures they destroyed either… Carthage and the Punic wars anybody?

    • betaguy01

      If you have read any history at all, you would notice that context is important when you’re comparing anything. Rome was a society that was based on different power structures, economic systems, and systems of power and corruption. Yes, there are some things that you can compare, but to say that the U.S. is behaving in the same way as Rome is just an error in your reasoning.

  • kt

    cryofpaine nails it. Seemed to me that the biggest Democratic response to the shutdown was to ramp up the requests for donations, to “hold the Republicans accountable”, as the DSCC put it. Whatever that means. I unsubscribed…

  • Carl Gottstein

    Great stuff!

  • Aeryn Harman

    This is absurd. “By the people, for the people” is no longer the way of our government, unless you measure personhood in dollars.

  • Harley Blake

    Boy, this guy is revealing stuff that everyone should know about. We never get these kind of messages through the common sources and the media. They too are failing us. Not doing their jobs. They should be reporting on this.

    • Circle

      Why would they do that when they too are owned by “them”. Why loose your big salary to reveal the truth? They live a life of comfort and happiness…ignoring their conscience is easy. They would have to be a truly great person, one willing to make a huge sacrifice in order to reveal the truth. People such as this aren’t common and certainly are rare in an environment where greed is touted above all else.

      Everyone that researches even a little bit knows about this but the majority of Americans do not. He decided to “reveal” this because they did nothing to hide it. When the facts are so plainly legible, it’s easy to spread the word to new people.

  • MNC

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RickMeister

      watch the all CAPS pls!

      • Patrick Jones


  • Jingles

    Here in the UK, so can’t join up without a zip, but think what you’re doing is vital and support it thoroughly. It’s endemic here as well because the politicians aren’t serving the people, and now only serve their own economic interests.

  • John Straszewski

    As a young adult in this country I appreciate how informative this has been. This video objectively explained how and why this bill was passed by the House without using a plethora of meaningless statistics. It was simple enough for anyone to understand, yet not so simplified that it overlooked the details that make this bill not a proposition to more easily regulate derivatives, but a disgusting attempt by Congress to fund their own seats and have the power to bail out the banks that give them those funds

  • bonnifrazier


  • kawiman

    time to oust the coup that is posing as,we the peoples govt,And replace it with a system where we have the say of what goes on,and not a bunch of puppet congressmen and senators that are just like organized criminals from the mafia movies.Let’s put a stop to this now.10 million man march on Washington would do the trick.

    • Terri EC Mom5

      When do we leave for Washington D.C.? I need to pack a bag.

    • Johnathon

      can we wait tell my next paycheck. I’ll catch a bus.

      • Johnathon

        this thursday. :D

  • Missmolly737

    I contacted my Congressman that thanked him for voting No on H.R. 992 — the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act. Thanks for the heads up! This whole situation is unacceptable. It is appalling that the media is also controlled so that this typically doesn’t get out!

  • dbartst

    Thank you!! Please stop them-term limits is one way-let’s get the old farts out of power and outta that GD big fat corporate leather chair they’ve become to addicted to.

  • Eleni B

    Ok, so here’s my question. According to the govtrack website, all the congresspeople in MA voted against it, which I am very thankful for. But aside from making sure our reps do what’s right, what else can be done?

  • AKgirl

    I worked for the Alaska State Legislature during the “Corrupt Bastard’s Club” era when many high-ranking legislators were charged with ethics violations. I know this is true from the top down.

  • TheKentuckyJewel

    Cuz were “mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

  • Maddie

    100% behind you!

  • Crystal

    So what is the plan to “take America back”? It’s hardly news that the system is corrupt, but what can an average person do that will actually make a difference?

    • Gavin John Campbell

      own a rifle. binge on some PCP. shoot at some cops, bus drivers…you know…federal employees. huehuehue.

  • txlonghorn

    We basically must vote them all out and start over. We need to get back to having our peers in political positions and not CAREER politicians. It is corrupt and the only way to stop it is to UNITE across party lines and all things that divide us. They divide us ON PURPOSE to keep us from having a voice/power. UNITE.

    • Terri EC Mom5

      You’re right my friend. Divide and conquer is their game. Now it’s time for “the people” to unite and play our hand in the game. We have the numbers. But how to get ALL the people to get in the game??


        Get a few on the streets and it will grow from there. The rulers are satanists so you need to PRAY FOR GODS BLESSING ON YOUR MOVEMENT__MARCHES ECT> He will hear and he will bless our effort.

        • guest

          ….shuuuuuuuuut uppppppp. holy cow. really. you do more harm than good with your fantasy-land ridiculousness. yes, corruption exists…but let’s not go and practically make assumptions that Lord Sauron and Mordor are taking over the world, so we should protect Candy Mountain with all of the krypton and Ewoks of Ju-Ju paradise.

        • Johnathon

          lol thank you guest. Now if we take to the streets. They are going to hit us hard. You could see marshal law come into effect. People will be hosed down with pepper spray. They will even turn the drones on us if they have to. Let’s just admit it, we stand no chance. We are just slaves until we retire, then die, then that’s it. No afterlife. Just death. A meaningless life where we are suppressed by the richest people, treated like slaves, have our votes stolen, then we die. And for an atheist like me that leaves little room on my tongue for more teeth marks.

          • vere

            If that really happened it would just call more to our cause. The first time the 99% assembled, we were criticized for having no specific, unified agenda, but it was merely the first appearance – a showing of numbers. Now we assemble with a specific cause and a specific ultimate goal which can be seen clearly and easily agreed upon by the vast majority.

          • Johnathon

            This isn’t about the 99% unless speaking directly of the 99 percent of Americans, instead of the group. We have to be beyond groups, beyond any other reasons, or quarrels. We have to unite as one people, ready to lay our lives down in a singular path right up to Washington. We need to show the world just how evil america really is. How greedy, and deceitful, but more than that we need to show the Americans. Cause this is not all of america. They do not know about this shit. If they are smart, they will not care, and if they are dumb they won’t care either. We need to make them care. Make them understand this effects them. This won’t stop. The time to act is now. Let’s make history people. :D

          • Cameron

            People vastly outnumber the empowered.. how do we have to live like slaves, lol?

          • Johnathon

            the slaves always outnumber the masters. Everyone knows that. It’s kinda like bosses and employees or the jews and their old masters and american slaves to their white masters.

            History I may not be great at it, but it’s easy to get the footnotes down.

          • Dave Larsen

            How can big banks write political bills I know money is run by gvnmt but I don’t understand how(banks) they can do this

          • Gavin John Campbell

            turn the drones….quick question, lad. If our government kills a majority of us…who’s left to make their money for them? who’s left to defend and support them? I think any politician or shot caller is smart enough to think about that in advance. we have the power. we just never use it.

          • Johnathon

            Lol they don’t have power from numbers. In fact as mitt romney put it 47 percent are pretty much useless. They have power through control, not in numbers. Dugh. Some wouldn’t mind killing off half the country if they have too.

        • Gavin John Campbell

          Yep…you’re a conspiracy theorist nutjob…congratulations. you’re one of the few opportunists who took something most people couldn’t imagine there being a “too far” to take it to…and you took it to the far reaches of said “too far”…now the cause to fight for is corrupted by your presence and doesn’t look level-headed at all.-10 points to credibility.

          • Brandy Joy

            At least they have theories. Not like the rest of the country.. Like how do yu explain them wanting to change all of the televisions from the broadcasting channels that have been used since they invented them, to digital channels? They may not be putting cameras inside of the appliances but they have to be observing us in someway? My money is on them broadcasting channels.. Yeah we might be conspiracy theorist nutjobs, But at least we aren’t brainwashed sheep like the rest of the country..

    • midwstgirl

      That is EXACTLY what is happening. We all know corruption is taking over our government, funded by large monied interests.


        CORRUPTION has already taken over our Government. From the city council to the Whitehouse it is totally corrupt.


      It does no good to vote. The voting machines are rigged. LIKE THE MAN SAID–GET OUT ON THE STREETS AND LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

      • Gavin John Campbell

        Any proof that this is true? or are you just another crackpot conspiracy theorist that likes to think the man is watching you through secret cameras in your household appliances? or whatever those nutjobs think, these days.

  • toohonest

    we need to just make it a priority to stop voting for ANY incombent. It sucks, but the truth is corruption is here to stay. it’s because we, as a culture, only care about ourselves. good luck though

  • Ready to Jump

    Atlas Shrugged – and if you don’t understand that phrase then find out just WHO IS JOHN GALT…

  • Moose

    I would love to see all of congress FIRED and replaced with people half their age for half the pay. And pay into social security what they should have all along. The list of things go on and on and if this movement can make a difference, I’m in.

    • Terri EC Mom5

      I’m in. I’m sick of this corrupt shit. When we know more about the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Beyonce or the Real Housewives of wherever than we know about what our “elected representatives” are doing–we as a nation have serious issues. It’s time to stop this before we become a 3rd world nation with “we the people” being at the bottom, not better than slaves.

    • Advocate

      It’s not about their age, but their wisdom. I am 26, but I believe that older people usually have more experience. There are people my age that could definitely make a difference, also. Sometimes wisdom comes early…

  • Johnny

    No, don’t build momentum to take “America” back, just burn the system to the ground and rebuild it with lessons learned.

  • ChristianRLong

    Enjoyed the video and clarity of the argument. The challenge I’ve always had with making the general population aware of how its getting the wool pulled over its eyes is ‘So what?’ If the person showing the message/ injustice doesn’t draw out a simple plan to connect the dots for the listener…nothing happens. Most people don’t have the foresight of ‘ if XYZ Law passes, its going to directly affect you on ABC levels.’ People require a map, people are use to being told what to do from their parents, school, and their employers. As Henry Ford said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” Also, getting off one’s ass in the world of convenience and dopamine mania through electronics is probably harder than even thinking. My suggestion is take ACTION in some form, i.e. write a letter to a senator or congressman, create a video similar to Mansur’s calling ‘Bullshit’ and post it everywhere, stop supporting a corporation and tell 10 friends about it, or get a second passport and get the hell out of dodge. The Top 1% of 1% are conditioned by years of climbing the corporate ladder, greed, recognition, and status. My teacher once said, “The difference between a Saint and a Tyrant is the development of the heart.” Both have very developed wills to get things done, but a Tyrant does it for the benefit of himself, his ego, and his legacy. These men and women are modern day Tyrants.

    • Terri EC Mom5

      You nailed it. These people are tyrants. Now how do you energize the masses to motivate change in the populous? I feel another HUGE civil rights movement needing to happen.

  • Highwayqueen

    Rome fell from corruption within… so will America unless this kind of corruption is stopped & reversed… It appears their is no will by the people to even care about what is going on until it is too late… then they all scream bloody hell… God ain’t going to save ya this time!

  • Jim

    Until the people take to the streets, nothing will change


      Have a tailgate party on the highway and put out some signs–some flags ect. Give away free hotdogs. You will get a crowd. Git R Done.

      • honestly…?

        I REALLY dislike every ounce of your logic.

      • WhatTheHell??

        Do you even think before you type? LOL

        • Gavin John Campbell

          harleydouche and johnathon just went full retard…

      • Johnathon

        meh most people are just sheeple anyways they need a hot dog and whatever else gets them to get off their sore asses (mostly from work and stressful lives) which really I think they make it bad on themselves. Anyways they need that in order to even show up or stop. You have to realize that most of the country doesn’t really give a shit, especially the religious they are going to “heaven” after all. Most people just make it day to day without thinking about any of this.

      • Mike Martini

        Tailgate party and “git r done”? No wonder the politicians aren’t scared of reprisal.

  • Matthew Scott Holycross

    I just sent a scathing message to my representative. Not that it will matter now. But everyone should flood the message board of their reps that voted for this

  • Cynthia Gurin

    I really, REALLY don’t trust the old guard Republicans behind RepresentUS but I also don’t see anyone else doing anything to put this kind of stuff front and center…

  • Jake Lambert

    Just so you guys know, what they’ve done is Fascism. That’s right. Our Reps are so corrupted, they have become Fascists.

  • Kaida

    I knew there was corruption, but this showed me it’s a lot more drastic, and extreme than I was aware of. Thank you for sharing this and getting a movement started to stop it.

  • David

    You are wrong on one item, correcting Campaign Finance system we will eliminate a large part of the corruption. Do not over look the power of the purse!

  • roddaut

    This bill needed a simple majority to pass. That means 218 Representatives would have to vote Aye to pass it. If all 70 of the Democrats that voted Aye had voted No plus those 11 Democrats that did not vote had also voted No this law would not have passed.

  • Cassie

    “We need to do something about this.” We have concerns, we have hatred, we have issues, and we have facts. We need a solution. People will get fired up and want to make a change, but that will not be enough. We need to take action. Fight politics with politics. Bring people up and out of the wood works to represent US in the house of Reps. To travel and campaign much like a rock and roll band would…. no flash, no jets, no facade, just a cause. That cause needs to be the next step. People know, now lets do something about it!

  • Thelma Jean

    Conflict of interest for politicians to accept money to deregulate.

  • citizen

    For another case of the willies check out the Bill Moyers report on “Alec”

  • Matthew Beatty

    Just attach it onto the end of another bill. They’ll never read it.

  • marta meyers

    This whole thing seems ridiculous, watch the video!


    I always advocate the peaceful way so the women–the children and the elderly will not be hurt. We need Marches and Protests on the Streets all the time. We cannot let up. We have got to save America. Look at your Children every morning and realize that unless we restore America your Children may live in a Fema camp or be under a Violent Dictator for their Entire Lives. What are you going to do today to prevent that ??? GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN. Pastor Dale.

  • CatFaninAtlanta

    Just like I shared on my Facebook post just now,,,, While I think the Dodd-Frank legislation the House replaced was a bad bill and essentially a knee jerk reaction to the financial crisis, I can agree with the premise of what you say. Campaign finance reform needs to happen, but someone/somehow needs to shed light on the pervasive corruption in all levels of our government.

  • mrlass

    “All politics is local” so when we vote to elect those who would represent us we better make damn sure their hands don’t get sticky when they begin to breathe DC air. Remember, we are their term limits so inform yourselves and get out and vote. Better yet, run for office so we can vote for you.

  • Bonnie

    It’s funny how our senators and congressmen appear to be so horribly at odds and yet be able to come together and put aside their differences when it comes to lining their pockets. I think they would like us to believe they are at odds simply to distract us. Old illusionist trick; if you’re watching the left hand, you don’t see what the right hand is doing.

    • Gavin John Campbell

      That thinking is highly paranoid and indicative of schizoid type behavior.

  • mitchie124

    The idiots in congress don’t originate any legislation for the good of the people anymore. They’re now just puppets and middlemen for the central banking cartel and its corporatist interests.

  • Maria L

    Thank you for taking action and motivating others to do so as well! Most of us know these things happen and hate that they do but just have no idea how to change them!

  • Barak

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. -Thomas Jefferson

    I believe we have reached a point where violence is the only thing these treasonous whores we call politicians will take notice.

  • Barak

    @ Maria L et. all; there is an easy way to change it. Stop voting incumbents into office, stop voting for R or D, get your friends to get out and vote and do the same. Then keep voting them out every election cycle. When the banking interests cant be bought because of the constant change in elected officials, the money will stop. And if the new kids in office want to take bribes, start the recall process.

    Everyone needs to remember this:

    That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
    deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that
    whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is
    the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new
    Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its
    Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
    Safety and Happiness. -The Declaration of Independence

  • dcicconi

    What I see missing in these comments is a lack of focus on the corporations that are buying our government. Follow the money to its source. Make a concentrated effort to boycott every product these people sell. Start with the Koch brothers, they have a ton of companies and products that you use every day. If Americans and others countries did this, the message would be more successful. And don’t give up on voting out these congressmen. Saying your vote doesn’t matter let’s them win.

  • J

    The financial product that helped leverage all the mortgage backed hedge funds and other hedge funds is called a “credit default swap”. If you look on Wikipedia and enter “credit default swaps” it will lead to president Bill Clinton, signing the bill to repeal the “Glass-Steagle Act”
    This repeal was heavily lobbied by “Sandy Weill” which passed in 2000. This is was how “City Corp” became “City Group”. Hence, the banks are able to invest 100% of bank deposits/capital into investment products. In 2005 the banks were all ready aware that the mortgage backed securities were going to crash. Look “Goldman Sachs” started shorting their own mortgage backed securities.

  • Mouser

    Thank you for speaking up about this and believing in justice, this is wrong on so many levels. If you haven’t already read, “The Irony of Democracy”, read it, it’s our present government in a nutshell. If every socially conscious person in America were aware of the insane amount of corruption that goes on-it would be revolution.

  • Laura Steenburg

    REMOVAL! They have voided their contract to represent their constituents!

  • disqususer

    We can’t trust any government that keeps using false flags to force legislation on the people to take away their freedom. They must tell us the truth of what happened on 9/11. And for anyone here who has not heard of how the US government did 9/11, I recommend you read the info at:

  • http://www.AllCoolThings.NET/ HERETICPRIMIE

    the bill was going to pass ANYWAY, the only Democrats that are voted
    for this are the weak ones that need the money to fight for other

    not a matter of Democrats being the same as corrupt Republicans and
    excuse “They’re all the same.” that so many people use to do nothing
    because “What’s the point?” It’s a few smart Democrats fooling the
    lobbyists and grifting the grifters into getting in on some money to
    fight the good fight later on for a cause that’s lost anyway.

    If you were in the same situation, you’d do the same, too.

    • ehh

      Following the track record from the last 13 years, I’m inclined to believe they are in fact all the same. I agree in that not voting isn’t the answer, but electing a 3rd party representative is looking to be a more logical decision from my point of view.

  • Fireblight

    I do think this is important to shine a light on, but what exactly are we going to *do* about it?

  • Calamity

    Why don’t they just ask the 10 richest families in America what laws they want and just leave us out of it? They seem to be doing that anyway.

  • Aaron

    Thankfully it seems to only have a 19% chance of passage, according to this: See how your representative voted here:

  • OhioPopulist

    Vote third party, fourth party, for your dog. Any party other than the Red Squad or the Blue Squad. The only difference between the two is which set of cronies get paid most. When it comes to Wall Street, they’re both dirty. Throw ‘em out!

  • Prue

    So much crap is swept under the rug to prevent us the “People” from learning all true dealings that goes on within the government, congress, senate. Thank you for spear heading this movement!!

  • Dr. Gonzaaaaaangoooooo

    Separation of church and state should be expanded upon to include separation of corporation and state as well.

  • Pinkey6

    Why are we not rioting in the streets or having peaceful protests?! Something!

  • Lauren Vork

    So what do we do about it?

    “People think there must be some magical tactic, beyond the traditional ones — protests, demonstrations, vigils, civil disobedience — but there is no magical panacea, only persistence” – Howard Zinn

  • Gerald

    Throw the bums out!! I’ve been advocating that for the past 12 years. No one seems to have the courage to do so, or they have excuses like: “but I like my rep or senator. Throw the rest out”

  • Redmeat

    The common man/woman needs to rise up against this!– but guess what.? we won’t because we will sit on our rear-ends and watch the latest TV show or stare into our cellphones and other technological devices and forget all that is really happening around us, while we are being emptied of our brain cells and thoroughly entertained.

  • MaryLF

    So how many House Democrats voted for it? All of them? Perhaps it would make more sense to target the ones that actually voted for it, instead of smearing the whole party?

  • Justin Alexander Dunbar

    They day someone picks up a gun in revolt…I will happily join them.

  • sallyrg

    Nate Silver as anti-corruption activist. That’s you, Mansur.

  • Sorter

    As I understand it, when the next round of bank bailouts occur, they will be called bail-ins.

  • OhioPopulist

    Something to keep in mind here: There is no such thing as a bailout for derivatives. If your representative voted for this, at best they’re an idiot.

    Just JP Morgan’s derivatives exposure is $70+ trillion! That’s trillion with a “T”. That is essentially 30+ years of US gov’t tax revenue.

    The big banks are essentially insolvent zombie entities and based on news stories from the past year or two, plus the endless settlements with the DoJ, are criminal enterprises. They should be broken up and scattered on the four winds, not offered a bailout.

  • carlos gaah

    this is been going on for long time remember Mc KINNLEY.and TRs election… big money got a rude shock when he was shot and the clerk who was VP was POTUS……

  • Steve Hughes

    “Your cities and lands are Desolate, Strangers eat up your substance. Your Princes and Judges are EAGER FOR GIFTS AND BRIBES……”

  • aprilktutor

    We need a new party. Go Green!

  • David Rodriguez

    What should we do?

  • blakem17

    I just say its time for a riot- Just need to Kill every politician and take over the government.

    • Gavin John Campbell

      Or at least scare them enough to think something bad will happen to them if this keeps up.

  • Heisenberg

    Crises precipitate change.

  • zibbity

    Thank God for the internet. Without it, I would still be in the dark regarding this mind-boggling corruption. I just emailed my representative to tell him that I can no longer support him or the Republican Party in the future due to this. I will be voting Libertarian. At least they still act on principle.

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    Wait……derivatives are regulated?

  • Judith

    It is amazing to me how complacent our country has become. One would think with the amazing amount of ways to get information – really almost information overload – most people walk around like zombies having no idea what is going on. What happened to the radicals of the late 60′s/early 70′s – did we just give up? Now is the time for a real tea party – no not the right wing tea parties, but the old Boston Tea Party – no more taxation without real /honest government representation of the people.

    • Gavin John Campbell

      They overdosed or burned out on LSD, are shitting into colostomy bags, or even more commonly, have lost their minds and started babbling about conspiracy theory bullshit, like FEMA death camps and the government being controlled by illuminati satanist sociopaths.

  • Tom

    “Too Big to Fail” has morphed into “Too Criminal to Worry about Consequences”. They are being completely blatant about it now.

  • Stevisms

    This is something we’ve known about for a long time, but what can we do to stop the corrupt political process?

  • James William Ceja

    “elected officials should be barred from collecting money from the industries they regulate. ”

    -I agree, where do i sign?

  • dodanimal

    I support this 100%. So sick of this criminality in washington. The only thing the dems and repugs can agree on is finding more ways to screw US citizens/voters/taxpayers.

  • mary

    Our government is corrupt. Unfortunately, many American minds are brainwashed with political ideologies, causing them to fight with each other…all the

    while our democracy slips away without anyone realizing it.

  • Truelitistnot

    The government can not be fixed. Even if you removed all the crooks and replaced them with honest people they would find themselves in an impossible situation of trying to pay off the illegal debt. Time to hit the reset button; Denounce this government as illegal and have the people not accept anything this government does. Denounce the debt, remove the government, restore the constitution and start over.

    • Gavin John Campbell

      Or you know…Redact a lot of the bills that line political pockets and see how our nation suddenly has a surplus. weird how much of a difference millions and billions can make, in the long run O_o

  • Gavin John Campbell

    Isn’t this bill the kind of thing that used to get politicians tarred and feathered?

  • Carri Elledge-Wright

    I’m in…. I’m over this BS….It’s like the Old days in Tammany Hall only worse…

  • X.A. Smith

    I am shocked—shocked—etc.

  • Preirin

    I will refran from using my standard expletive-fueled verbal explosion and ask WHY in a country of nearly 314 million do we, the ants, fail to overpower the few hundred men and women (the grasshoppers) in power?

    We need many reforms… starting with TERM LIMITS in the House and Senate to put an end to career politicans, then ban lobbyists and annonyous political financial donations. If someone want sto donate make it CLEAR who they are, WHO they are donating to and how much. But how can you have laws written to deal with these issues when the very persons who need to approve the laws are the most corrupt??

  • Lacy Counts

    I love you. I will bear your children. Don’t ever stop doing what you do.

  • Randy Robinson

    lets end the Fed too!

  • dDputz

    I think you’re Honest but deceptive as “Passing a bill” in Congress is NOT create a new law. Our congress pass 45+ bills to stop or stall RomeyCare (aka Obama care); NONE became law. Most of your readers think Passing a bill and creating a new Law are identical.

  • Tom terrific

    You / we have not got enough lights to shine a light on the corruption in the Cities of, Countyies of, States of, or the Country of… what was America

  • Blaine Heffron

    I know this will never happen, but what if all finances for elections came from taxpayers money? What if every individual voter was allotted a finite amount of money (say 100 dollars or something) for any national elections. No one is allowed to spend more than their allotted share. If you dont feel like using the money to endorse someone, you can just keep the money (or maybe as an incentive to give it to someone running for election, you dont get to keep it and it goes back to the government’s coffers).

  • farang

    “Resign”? bwahahahaha. Apparently you haven’t heard: they won’t leave.

    Everyone that scoffed and giggled in 2008, when I begged all my fellow Americans to vote for ANYONE other than a Democrat or Republican, telling me they would be “wasting their vote” if they voted for a third or fourth or fifth party candidate (25 presidential candidates in 2007…..) PLEASE STAND UP AND TAKE YOUR BOW!!!!

    And maybe duck the rotten tomatos coming your way soon…

  • farang

    Obamacare was written by the exact same creeps. Why isn’t THAT a huge story???????????????

  • Louis

    seriously, what can we do other that sending a letter or email because that doesnt work. they just dont care about our opinions

  • Orf

    Am I missing something? This bill still has to pass the senate and the president before becoming law correct? You re right that its despicable but this is part of the reason we have checks and balances…

  • Lou

    Thanks! What else can we do to help besides share this?

  • Pat

    I’m ready, give me the day and time. We really DO need to do something!!!

  • Christopher

    Write a letter to the editor of your local paper if you still have one! Call your representative and give them a piece of your mind! Do all you can to get this info out there! Tell your friends and neighbors! Join an advocacy group! There are many things that YOU can do! Let’s get to it!

  • Jay Spears
  • Yoshi

    Obama opposes it? What a hoot! He also claimed to oppose indefinite detention for Americans but when it was challenged he fought hard in court to make sure it was upheld.

  • John Stark

    When the lobbyists leave the money on the nightstand Conggress and the Senate becomes Political whores… every Politician that is persuaded by a lobbyist that regulate and party together while every one else is screwed , has become a Political WHORE.. I agree!!!

  • Bob H.

    Supposed to be We the People.

  • Lorraine Grote Derhammer

    The biggest tragedy in the US is the apathy of it’s people

  • Sara

    Social media gets so much criticism, but truly I believe it’s because of the ability to call BS on large groups in power with a click of a button. Corruption must be stopped before it has its hooks too deeply latched to shake it off!

  • Angela Fisher

    So what are the next steps? I sign petitions all the time but it sounds like this will be something more?

  • Fishcleaner

    GOTTA START SOMEWHERE FOLKS< this guy is with it. We have to back it up.

  • Kristin

    You are very well spoken, but what about the solution? The main problem with Occupy Wall Street was that they had no solution,which is why the protest lead nowhere. So what I’m getting at here, is what do you plan to do beside raise awareness?

  • Alons-y

    Not all Reps voted for this mess. Mine didn’t, and neither did the two leaders of each party (Pelosi and Boehner), both of whom didn’t vote. Both of these folks know a fishy deal when they see one and so played it safe. If people are upset, they should write to Pelosi and Boehner and tell them so. You can also get involved in your local Democatic or Republican Club. They are the ones who choose the people who run for office, so if you don’t like their choices go there in person and tell them so, or better yet, run for office yourself.

  • Dave

    An un-fleshed out idea that has been kicking around my head since the government shut-down: We (the people) could, through a collective, massive and organized act of civil disobedience ‘shock’ this corrupted system to reclaim our collective voices in governance. If we (the people) could find the confidence, trust, and love in and for our neighbors to stage a “voter/citizen shutdown” though simple acts like withdrawing our funds from large banks, not spending money (excepting essential needs), or more radically, not going ‘to work’ for a week or two; if we (the people) simply spent our time conversing directly with each other and accepting the socioeconomic/political truths that drive poverty, race and class divisions, and mistrust of others; if we (the people) learned how to truly listen to and support each other so we could rebuild communities and establishing broader and more accepting (read diverse and loving) social networks through empathy, we could reforge ourselves as a powerful, active, and socially conscious embodiment of the old mantra: ‘e pluribus unum’.

    It was only three days after 9/11 when these elites took to the airwaves begging us to do our ‘patriotic duty’ and return to the shopping malls to show the terrorists they had not won. Perhaps it is time to name the real ‘terror’ threat. We organize and stir ourselves to quick action in the face of local/global disasters – and could do this on a much larger scale. After-all, isn’t this a disaster of massive magnitude?

    I acknowledge the enormous logistic effort that would be involved (not to mention the utopian-esque overtures) however, by inviting the truckers and their unions, the farmers, our out-of-work carpenters, plumbers, electricians, road crews, public transportation services, we could ensure no one would suffer bodily harm or mental/spiritual anguish (well OK, maybe the elites with the later).

    I don’t hold much hope for something like this to occur, but at the same time I am desperate enough to allow myself to dream as such because I am unsure how else such a peaceful transition of power back to ‘we the people’ could occur. I do believe, however, that the mere threat of an organized and determined social movement grounded in civil-disobedience could shake this corrupt system rather violently and also begin to re-empower our voices and bodies – especially those disenfranchised and marginalized peoples who have endured centuries of scorn and punishment, to the center of our collective discourse/identity.

  • Alons-y

    I am no fan of W., and I think his comment to go back to the Malls and spend after 9/11 was reprehensible, but 70% of the US economy is driven by consumer spending.

    I don’t know how many people remember it given that it was 8 years ago, but the economy tanked after the attacks because people were scared to spend. The travel industry alone lost tens of billions of dollars and untold thousands of people lost their jobs as a consequence. There are ways to address corruption using the tools we have. They don’t produce instantaneous change and they require time and much hard work, but they do produce results. People just need to give them the time they require for them to work.

  • Baci Russell

    as long as our attention is focused on the Kardashian’s and other nonsense we will be able to ignore what is going on in front of us. I hope it is not too late for this wake up call.

  • shocka_con


  • Lydia

    Give us the names.

  • GoNuclear

    Well, you’re only the third or fourth group that wants to “take back America.” I think it’s safe to say a couple of them want to take it back from groups like “” On this particular issue, you are dead wrong. Derivatives were not the cause of the financial problems in 2008. In fact, derivatives are important financial tools used to hedge risks. You need to do a minimum amount of research, other that reading websites like your own, so that you know what you are talking about. Yes they can be abused, but nearly all the experts agree that the Dodd-Frank rules for trading in them are impractical. I’ll leave it to you to do the research into who is saying this and what they are saying — it doesn’t take much time to find the relevant stories in WSJ or even the NYTimes.

    If you don’t like lobbyists making political donations and writing bills, then ask your Congressman to stop regulating. When a bunch of ignorant Congresspeople begin to regulate a business, the business (and remember, corporations and businesses are just people like us trying to make a living) has to look out for itself. The Constitution guarantees the right to petition the government, and that’s what lobbyists do. They have the right to try to prevent the government from doing great harm, because, remember, the government is incompetent (see and they can easily destroy important businesses if allowed.

    Just keep this phrase in mind: “Government can’t solve the problem, government IS the problem.” It’s one you can live by.

  • Laurence Miller

    I’m not American so I can’t tell you what to do about it. However, enough people saying they won’t pay their taxes until this legislation is repealed and a fund is set up by the banks to cover any 2008 style meltdown might hit home. In Britain our taxes are deducted at source.

  • Damon Miller

    All of us have the power to stop this by sending a huge message at the polls. DO NOT re-elect any of these people and get some representatives in the House and Congress who are truly for the people and our country. If they change into a greedy politician while in office then it’s time to be impeached or recalled or whatever you call it for the Senate and Congress. If we the people hold them to a higher standard and act when they fall below that standard things will change.

  • Chris Rockey

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it’s mind boggling that this is there is no media coverage on this. We need to change this broken system and get money out of our politics.

  • Paddenz

    I see a civil war in our not too distant future. This is not what America is supposed to be and I think its time to raise hell.

  • castello

    Must keep video shorter. Great message but youtubes need to be short

  • thomas gutzke

    I would hope you are sending this to every television, radio and newspaper in the country. I know most of them are whores to their advertisers but some may still represent the American way.

  • Alex

    i spent 20 minutes inviting all my friends to your fb page. hope some ppl notice

  • Dan Marks

    The corruption isn’t about free speech as much as the purchase of my representation as a constituent by anyone in the world as long as they are the highest bidder. The system is broken because we are ruled by THE government, not represented by OUR government.

  • ihateniggersandfaggots

    dude embrace corruption. you all cant be so goddamn retarded. its gonna creep in neways. beside who wouldn’t want to give an officer some cash to make things go away.

    • Dustin

      Get. Out.

  • Ed Singleton

    I’m Canadian. Can I still help?

  • GF

    Its time! November 5th, 2014!

  • Jared Watson

    They will never stop till blood runs in the streets of DC.

  • AngryPatriot

    this is all so dumb we can sit here and talk about how everyone is corrupt in congress and how they aren’t doing a good job and point fingers across the isle but when it comes down to it we need to wake the fuck up and do something ourselves about this and not just depend on some system in washington to iron out the kinks. the government wants to take our guns away from us to prevent the possibility of an uprising they are afraid of us thats why they have the TSA and patriot act. we are blindly giving away our freedoms just so we can be lured into a false sense of safety when we need to FIGHT to get this country back to its prime before it’s too late i call for revolution people and it starts with us.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  • lazlodelarental

    Actually, most every bill that is passed is written by lobbyists. This is like reporting that the nazis gassed people using Zyklon B. True but the way of the world for as long as anyone can remember.

  • LtP

    The ONLY way you’ll end this ‘culture of corruption’ is through electing like-minded people into Govt office – from the local to federal levels. The only way to do THAT is to get these people on a ballot line which requires significantly MORE signatures than are required of the 2 major parties’ candidates. THEN you have to ensure the Boards Of Election commissioners (usually GOP and Demo party officers) don’t forge candidates’ signatures on ‘Declination to Run’ forms (as happens in NYS).

    Once you have your candidates on a ballot line you MUST make the average American voter AWARE of these candidates (this is where campaign finance comes in) and convince those voters to cast their vote for YOUR candidate (through name recognition) at the polls.

    Ross Perot spent billions on HIS Presidential campaign and still lost after being shut-out of televised debates by the TV networks themselves and rebuffed by the major print media (companies dependent upon political ad buys).

    All the while your candidates must eschew ANY and ALL ‘donations’, ‘gifts’ and monetary ‘support’. Only then can these candidates get INTO elected office and institute change for the better.


  • Erika

    What we really need to do is amend the constitution to have it no longer give corporations the same rights as people/unlimited campaign finance spending.

    That’s the only way we can reverse the terrible outcome of the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case.

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