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The short film series to save America.

The Unbreaking America short films are a master class in the anti-corruption movement, breaking down how our political system is no longer working for the average American—and what we can do to fix this massive political breakdown.

Unbreaking America’s Healthcare

Healthcare is broken because our political system is broken. Watch Sia expose how political bribery keeps healthcare costs high while taking years off our lives — and what you can do right now to #CureCorruption. Learn more.

Unbreaking America: Solving The Corruption Crisis

RepresentUs board member and Academy Award-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence teams up with RepresentUs Director Josh Silver for the launch of the Unbreaking series.

In just 11 minutes, they'll show you why nearly every issue we face as a nation is caught in the grip of corruption, what the strategy is to fix it, and how you can help. Learn more.

Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall

Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas teams up with RepresentUs Co-Founder Joshua Graham Lynn for Divided We Fall. In this sequel, the duo breaks down how our political system has been hijacked by America's two political parties, which encourage division and vilify bipartisan cooperation.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. They'll share the plan to fix our broken political system, and the best part: It’s already working. Learn more.

Unbreaking America: Justice For Sale

Americans agree: our criminal justice system is broken. But most people don’t realize how lobbyists and politicians are keeping it that way. In just 8 minutes, Justice For Sale explains how our broken political system is making the problem worse, and what the anti-corruption movement can do to fix it. Learn more.

Unbreaking America: Drowning In Student Debt

Americans owe over $1.6 trillion in student loan debt. And like many of our country’s problems, it all ties back to corruption. Learn more.