Arizona: Defeat Anti-Reform Initiatives

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

Defeat anti-reform initiatives referred to the ballot by lawmakers – Prop 10x and 10y


You can tell a movement is on the rise when those in power do everything they can to stop it. Following a groundswell of momentum for reform in the Grand Canyon State, lawmakers have passed legislation designed to stop that momentum in its tracks. Prop 10y was designed to lock in the existing primary system and make reforming the state’s primary system more difficult. Prop 10x would make the citizen’s initiative process more difficult by requiring signature gatherers to go to each legislative district and get signatures from 5% of the voting population, on top of existing signature requirements.

Who’s Involved?

We are endorsing a “No” on both questions, and are working with democracy advocates in the state to spread the word.


You can make an impact on campaigns like this no matter where you live.