Virginia: Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

A reform package that includes a variety of campaign finance reform and ethics reforms. Most critical are contribution limits and prohibition for legislators to use campaign donations for personal use.


Nearly four out of five Virginians think that large donors have too much influence in their elections. But despite the will of the people, Virginia is one of the few states in the country that does not limit the amount of money a candidate or political action committee can receive from individual donors, corporations, labor unions, party committees or other candidates. And, there’s nothing in Virginia preventing candidates and obscure donors from being vague when filing reports on contributions and expenditures.

Previous efforts to address Virginia’s corruption have stalled out, but there is renewed momentum to pass reforms in 2024.

Who’s Involved?

Legislative Campaign: Represent US is part of a broad coalition of organizations in VA that includes Big Money Out VA, Clean VA and other reform groups like Veterans for Political Reform, Unite America, Fair Vote, LWV, the Forward Party, and Common Cause VA.


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