Chapter 5: Communicating About Your Bill

To influence key legislators to get your legislation passed, a personalized and individualized communications plan (as opposed to mass communication) is best. Effective messaging should communicate your values, identify the problem you are trying to solve, and how the bill you are proposing will solve the problem.

Get Started

Refine your campaign’s message

Using tools like the Messaging Triangle and Messaging Box are great ways to refine your campaign messaging. Use our Messaging Resource Guide to get started.

Create a comprehensive plan

The communications planning document will help you create a plan that includes the following elements: messaging, messengers, communication tactics, identifying support, and more.

Getting attention for your issue can include tactics like organizing a lobby day to focus the energy of volunteers and get the attention of the legislators. Use this lobby day guide to plan your event. Even more essential is building relationships with legislators and increasing your capacity to be influential. Checkout these ideas for expanding your campaign’s influence.

Additionally, letters to the editor equip volunteers to talk about your campaign and help get your campaign’s message out. Use this Letter to the Editor guide to organize your effort.

Track your success

Once you have your message and plan, use this press list tracker and press hit tracker to capture press hits and more.