Chapter 2: Assessing Your State's Political Landscape

Learn how to identify the key decision makers in your state’s political process.

You will learn about your state’s political landscape by investigating:

  • Who makes up your state’s legislature
  • Who are the members of leadership in the Senate and House
  • The key legislative deadlines
  • The history of pro-democracy legislation in your state

The resources will help you identify which committee is responsible for election and democracy legislation and to assess who holds the power on those committees and in the legislature.

Get Started

The areas of study that are necessary for organizing a successful legislative campaign are:

  • Start Power Mapping – Power mapping is understanding the political ecosystem your particular reform effort sits within – including identifying the decision makers, allies, opponents, and issue-adjacent people and organizations
  • Download the workbook – Our workbook is a comprehensive guide to organizing a successful legislative campaign


The movement to fix American democracy is picking up steam. But each year, we hear the same thing: Leaders are building their own playbooks, often starting from scratch.

That’s why RepresentUs launched the Democracy Leaders Training Series, a beta program that’s focused on sharing what RepresentUs has learned over years of supporting winning democracy campaigns all across the country.