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We’re about to unveil our biggest effort yet, to fix corruption together. Before we launch, we need 500,000 people to add their name. 


// The problem

The system is broken.

While our nation struggles to deal with crippling debt and a tough economy, our government has been corrupted.

// The solution

Anti-Corruption Acts make city, state, and federal corruption illegal:

  • Politicians may no longer take money from the interests they write laws for.
  • Shady contributions and coordination by Super PACs are drastically reduced.
  • Public servants may not become lobbyists for 5 years after they leave office.
  • Lobbyists can’t make massive contributions to political campaigns.
  • Every single political donation must be disclosed.
  • Voters are empowered with a tax rebate for small political donations.
  • The people have the power to enforce tough new anti-corruption laws.
  • Protects the First Amendment right to free speech.

For more details about the Act, click here.

// The strategy to win

Add your name and we will work together to pass Anti-Corruption Acts in communities across America.

  • This is comprehensive legislation of historic proportions. It completely reshapes our current system to eliminate the undue influence of money in politics.
  • We’re already winning, with a major victory in Tallahassee, Florida, another five Anti-Corruption Resolutions passed since last year, and many more on the ballot for 2015.
  • Our movement is not progressive, it’s not conservative, it’s American – from Occupy to the Tea Party, Democrats to Republicans to Independents. Over 80% of Americans – liberal, independent and conservative – want to get money out.
  • Politicians won’t fix this. That’s why we are going around Congress to build enough momentum to force national reform. If enough cities and states pass the American Anti-Corruption Act, we can get “clean” politicians in Congress who are beholden to their constituents and who will vote YES to federal anti-corruption legislation.