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RepresentUs is America’s leading anti-corruption organization working city by city, state by state to fix our broken political system.

Our political system
is broken and corrupt

The result? Gridlock, polarization and an ineffective government that is unresponsive to the people it is mandated to serve.

Watch Jennifer Lawrence explain the root cause of dysfunction in our politics, learn about our solution and join the movement to fix the system.

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The Plan to Save America

  • Change the rules
    Three policies to unlock better government

    To fix the system, we pass laws in three key policy areas that will change the rules:

    1. Strong campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws
    2. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and Top 4/5 Primaries
    3. Independent Redistricting Commissions to end partisan gerrymandering

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  • Bypass Congress
    Congress won’t fix our broken system

    So we go around Congress and instead pass laws city by city, state by state. History has shown us that winning at the local level leads to national change so much faster than you think.

    And our strategy is working. To date, we’ve scored 177 victories in cities and states all across America.

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  • Country Over Party
    We need everyone’s help to fix our country

    As the nation’s largest nonpartisan anti-corruption organization, we bring together progressives, conservatives and everyone in between.

    We’re winning in red states and blue states, inspiring, energizing, activating and empowering people to fight corruption and fix America.

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Fund Our Work

100% of donations support the front lines of the movement. By starting a monthly gift, you’ll directly support the fight to fix our broken political system: city by city, state by state.

Our Impact

In the last 10 years, our donors and volunteers have given millions of Americans across the country better choices and better representation in government.

  • 177

  • 24,000+

  • 38,000+


Current Campaigns

Arizona: Protect Ranked Choice Voting
Mar 8 2023

Protect Ranked Choice Voting

Learn more
Georgia: Instant Runoff Voting
Mar 8 2023

Instant Runoff Voting

Learn more
Maine: Eliminate Foreign Influence in Elections
Mar 8 2023

Eliminate Foreign Influence in Elections

Learn more
Maine: Ongoing Absentee Voting
Mar 8 2023

Ongoing Absentee Voting

Learn more
Minnesota: Democracy for the People Act
Mar 8 2023

Democracy for the People Act

Learn more
Minnesota: Ranked Choice Voting
Mar 15 2023

Ranked Choice Voting

Learn more
Minnesota: Restore the Vote
Mar 8 2023

Restore the Vote

Learn more
Missouri: Defeat Supermajority Requirement
Mar 8 2023

Defeat Supermajority Requirement

Learn more
Nevada: Final-Five Voting
Mar 8 2023

Final-Five Voting

Learn more
New Jersey: RCV for Municipal and School Board Elections
Mar 8 2023

RCV for Municipal and School Board Elections

Learn more
Oregon: Statewide RCV
Mar 8 2023

Statewide RCV for All Elections

Learn more
Vermont: RCV for Presidential Primaries
Mar 8 2023

RCV for Presidential Primaries

Learn more
Virginia: Campaign Finance Reform
Mar 8 2023

Campaign Finance Reform

Learn more

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Studies show that when just 3.5% of a population engages in sustained activism, they have the power to push the entire nation to change.
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News & Commentary

A PSA from "Honest" Gil Fulbright
Sep 15 2023

Do you want a future where we fix America’s broken system or a future where I continue to enjoy buckets of fried chicken on private jets owned by tech mavens?

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United We Thrive
Aug 28 2023

Loneliness and isolation represent profound threats to our health and well-being as well as democracy itself. At this year's American Democracy Summit, we'll come together from across the political spectrum to tackle the issues that stymie our democracy and create opportunities to put isolation, as well as political corruption, to rest.

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Leaked: RepresentUs Debate Strategy
Aug 22 2023

Instead of attacking other candidates - or strategically avoiding attacking other candidates - why not talk about America’s corruption problem?

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