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Add your name if you think the government should represent the people

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Money spent influencing US government:

Communications Industry

$987 Million // Communications Industry

Source: Center for Responsive Politics, 2012 Lobbying & Contribution Data

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We have a plan to win. Here it is:

A Real Solution to Corruption

The American Anti-Corruption Act sets a standard for local, state and federal laws that:

Stop the bribery

The Act prevents lobbyists from donating to politicians and/or offering them any deals that could influence policymaking.

End secret money

The Act mandates full transparency: disclosure of all political money and “bundlers” who gather contributions for politicians.

Answer to the voters

The Act imposes strict limits on PACs, and gives voters an annual $100 tax rebate to be spent supporting the candidate or party of their choice.

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Create Political Power

It’s not about right vs. left. It’s about right vs. wrong.

Real political power comes from real people. Millions of us — conservatives, progressives and everyone in between, united, organized, and taking action locally.

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Think Nationally.
End corruption locally.

Pass laws in towns, cities and states that meet the standards of the American Anti-Corruption Act, building momentum from the bottom up.

Project 435 is a national, coordinated effort to end corruption at the local level.

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Force Politicians to Act

Pressure politicians at every level of government who fail to support the standards of the Anti-Corruption Act: make corruption a ballot-box issue.

Win Nationally

Leverage a robust movement to pass anti-corruption laws in all 50 states and federally.

With cross-partisan, populist support it will be a law of, by and for the people.

We won’t stop until we win.

And we can’t win without you.

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We're not about right vs left. We're about right vs wrong.

Meet some of our advisors:

Mark McKinnon GOP Strategist

Charlotte Hill Communications,

Tom Whitmore DC Tea Party Patriots

Russell Simmons Founder,
Def Jam Recordings

Cecelia Frontero Occupy Wall Street

Richard Painter Former Ethics Advisor,
George W. Bush

Hadi Partovi Founder,

Susan McCue Progressive Strategist

Josh Silver Director, Represent.Us

Larry Lessig Harvard Professor
Director, Rootstrikers.org

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